Donations for The Peacemaker School

501 (c) 3, non-profit

Young Adult Scholarships

The Peacemaker School is accepting donations that are 100% directed towards tuition for the programs it offers. In particular, we are requesting donations to support young adults in 2013-2015. As we mentor the next generation, we, as the teachers, mentors and wisdom-keepers envision a world of peace and of peacemakers. Our goal is to encourage young adults to learn about being connected with Mother Earth, to experience sacredness, to see themselves interconnected with all life and to learn the basic tenants of being at peace and being a peacemaker.

All donations for Young Adults will be directed to the Horace Edward Stoessel Scholarship Fund for Young Adults. Young adults [ages 15-21 years of age] will be able to apply for partial scholarships through the school to attend any program that The Peacemaker School is offering. You will receive an official tax receipt with your donation.

Donations to the School

All donations given to the school will be used 100% towards tuition for students who require support in order to participate in our programs.  We have many adults who also need support to participate.

In the future, The Peacemaker School will be offering more programs, workshops and retreats.

Our thanks for your thoughtfulness and your giving,
Dr. Jane Ely, President