Welcome to The Peacemaker School of Spiritual Healing

Mission Statement

The Peacemaker School of Spiritual Healing is a spiritual, cultural, and educational organization based in Hawaii, on the island of Kauai, and includes Retreats in Santa Fe, New Mexico. The School recognizes there is a state of spiritual wounding in our world approaching epidemic proportions. We seek to address this by teaching conscious awakening through skillful means, spiritual practices [not religious] and healing practices that empower and rebalance humanity, individual by individual, family by family, and community by community.

It is from a state of wholeness that we are able to activate our ‘true potential’ in positive ways. Our mission is to create positive change through teaching peacemaking, community building and healing for personal and global change.

We foster peacemaking specifically by teaching the principles of humanities’ interdependence with all life emphasizing partnerships; diversity; inclusivity; cooperation; non-violence; conscious language; applications of conscious awareness practices; and sustainable environmental practices. Skills include insight and self-awareness training, ethics, activism, counsel practice, engaged spirituality, creative arts, Energy Medicine and Ecopsychology programs.

The Peacemaker School offers spiritual, healing retreats on the beautiful, sacred island of Kauai, Hawaii, 3-5 days in length. A peacemaking retreat fits easily into a visitor’s vacation plans and offers the experience of exploring the island in-depth, and outside of the usual vacationer’s perspective. Many programs include Hawaiian culture.

Retreats and Transformational Life Programs are also offered in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Please see 2014 Calendar of Events for upcoming opportunities in spiritual, meditation, and healing Retreats.

All Peacemaker School Retreats and Training Programs focus on peacemaking, life skills and tools for personal, transformational change. Programs are taught by trained health professionals, all of whom have peacemaking skills and a wide range of life experience to offer.